Values are for small businesses too

The importance of values is well-known in the corporate storytelling world. When done well, they serve as a guiding light for the marketing strategy and the company at large.

Values help a company make prudent strategic moves when deciding to create a new offering, buy another company, or expand into other fields. They help attract the right employees and create a culture people want to belong to. And they help us send out brand messages that attract the right customers and community.

But, as small businesses, we often don’t put the time into articulating our brand values. As owner-operators, we have to make a horde of strategic decisions every day.

Should I have another sale? Should I start a blog? Should I create another range of products? Should I do this market stall, but not that one?

When we don’t build the strategic foundations, we run the risk of feeling like we’re at a constant fork in the road and not knowing what way to go. Worse, we make a decision that affects the trust we’ve built with our loyal following.

Whether you’re a one-woman show or a small brewery with 20 employees, creating values help you create the type of company you can be proud of, and the type of brand people respect.

Hi. I’m a copywriter and brand message strategist for hospitality, farm, food, and drink businesses who want to tell a better brand story.

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