The downside of Google Ads

100 years ago, if you owned a book store, the number of customers wasn’t necessarily the primary goal. You wanted quality customers.

You would have preferred the local professor than 10 of the local hoodlums.

After all, quality customers breed quality customers.

Over time, you might’ve become a hub among the forward-thinking community that would become the backbone of a successful, sustainable and meaningful business.

But what would’ve happened if you lowered your standards to attract more (but less quality) customers? You might’ve had a better week in the beginning, but at what cost long-term?

When we do digital marketing, we can’t see whether we’ve attracted a quality customer or not, but if we entirely focus on conversions, there’s a good chance we’re not attracting discerning types who don’t like the smell of cheap directing marketing techniques.

In turn, we probably shouldn't base our success entirely on the metrics which Google Analytics provides — which is a numbers-and-conversions game.

If you’re on a budget, what would happen if you spent that money on a thoughtful blog post or a podcast instead?

What if we focused on metrics that centred around people meaningfully engaging with our stories and ideas, rather than solely worrying about the number of click-throughs on a Google Ad?

What sort of brand would you build over time then?

Until next time,

Jayden O’Neil

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