I’m working with an Ecommerce food market at the moment. They are regenerative, meaning the products are from farms dedicated to regenerating the local ecosystem, as opposed to industrial farming techniques that erode the land.

Anyway, I was speaking to the General Manager. He said, “When we began, we thought we’d be popular among forward-thinking millennials. But, a year on, we discovered we’re more popular among an older, more conservative audience.”

“I‘m not surprised’,” I said, after following the brand for a few months. The photos were taken on an iPhone, the copy was full of dad jokes, and the minimum purchase amount was $50.

Of course I don’t know for sure, but if I was a betting man, I’d say you’re not going to attract a whole lot of cool, forward-thinking young kids when your brand is selling a premium product and you use the above messaging.

Our products don’t always have an inherent audience, especially in the food and drink space. The way we attract a specific audience is through the messaging we send out into the world. Change the messaging, change the audience.

I’d bet a pretty penny the audience would look a lot different if the minimum purchase amount was $30, the design was beautiful, the photography professional, and the copy relatable to more than those who appreciate a good dad joke.

Just because you have an audience, doesn’t mean you can’t pivot and attract others too.

Hi. I’m a copywriter and brand message strategist for hospitality, farm, food, and drink businesses who want to tell a better brand story.

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