Strategic, clear and consistent messaging comes out on top, in a highly competitive market.

There is too much choice. On the shelf. On the net. On the street. Standing out to the masses is too expensive. The best chance we have is to become hyper specific about who we are and who we are here for. In turn, our values, our personality, our story at large are our greatest assets.

Research shows that building brand trust is more important than ever. And we—as a brand, as a team—can do that by creating direct, meaningful and targeted messaging that builds attention, connection and loyalty with those we aim to serve.

We share this messaging through everything we do, from our Instagram and newsletter to the dining experience we create in-house. But before we do that, we begin with words. To build sturdy brand pillars, we have to draw the dots and articulate why our customers (and our team) should chose our brand over the next one.

Strategy is an art. Good brand message strategy is the basis of better creative storytelling, better business decisions, a better team culture and more sales.

I created the Brew Copy Brand Story guide so brands—in the farm, hospitality, food, drink space—could tell a better brand story. This way, they don’t have to go around in circles, waste time with the wrong message, or worse, not communicate at all. Now they can have a framework to communicate their value with more clarity, consistency, personality and oomph.

And by doing so, over time, they can build a brand that people adore.

Hi. I’m a copywriter and brand message strategist for hospitality, farm, food, and drink businesses who want to tell a better brand story.

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